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How modern recyclers power their operations

Transition your team from spreadsheets to real-time insights and deliver predictable profits.

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Inventory management

Track every piece of material within your facility. Monitor stock levels and predict requirements with real-time data.

Breakdown of battery components

Production management

Monitor every phase of the recycling workflow, whether you're unloading, breaking down, categorising, or processing.

Breakdown of battery components

Material tracing

Trace every material back to its source, ensure compliance and provide full transparency to your customers.

Make advanced recycling a breeze

In the ever-evolving landscape of advanced recycling, new technologies, shifting customer expectations, and evolving regulations bring challenges. Assure that every element of your operations is seamlessly managed and under control.

Automate compliance

Built-in compliance processes take admin off your desk and enhance on-site safety, freeing you to focus on what matters most.

Simplify operations

Designed with site operatives in mind, our user-friendly QR code system revolutionises facility operations, empowering your team to manage tasks effortlessly through their smartphones.

Track your yields

Understand your profitability with every tonne that you process. View which materials are being recovered and how efficiently.

Understand your inventory

Monitor your stock on hand and ensure you are always processing the most valuable materials.

Real-time insights

Understand commercial and operational performance as it happens, allowing you to make data-driven decisions quickly.

Improve quality

Ensure your standards are met with every batch you process, and improve trust with your customers through transparency and reporting.
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Connect Gaea to your existing ERP

Gaea serves as a dedicated operational platform tailored for advanced recycling. It seamlessly syncs with your ERP system, streamlining critical data collection across the recycling workflow.

Scan inventory as it enters your facility

Utilise QR codes to keep your inventory counts accurate and up-to-date, and scan from anywhere with the camera on your smartphone or tablet.

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Track your production steps on the app

With our detailed tracking system, you can monitor every stage of the recycling process. Identify bottlenecks, optimise workflows, and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Receive real-time insights and reports

Transform data into actionable insights with custom reports that help you understand your operational efficiency and financial performance.

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Built for advanced recyclers

Embrace the future with a solution that works from day one with your operations.

Don't settle

Why settle for a one-size-fits-all ERP when you can have a solution that speaks your language? Our specialised system understands the intricacies of recycling operations, from regulatory compliance to unique inventory tracking. It's like having a GPS in a world where others still navigate with paper maps!

Get up and running

We'll import all your existing data into Gaea so you can hit the ground running from day one. Our team will work with you to understand your operations and make sure that Gaea works for you.

Stay ahead of the industry

Ditch the endless bills from software agencies and consultants. Gaea stays up to date with the latest technologies, materials and regulations, so you'll always have a platform that works for you.

Don't just take our word for it

Our customers are our best advocates. Read their stories to find out how our software has revolutionised their recycling operations.

Mike Hogan

Business Developer at EMR

"The team at Gaea took the time to understand and engage with the challenges of the new process. The Gaea team have worked well with all stakeholders to deliver an innovative product..."

Meet the team

We started Gaea because advanced recycling businesses needed a solution that worked for their needs.

Fred Fooks

Fred Fooks

CTO / Co-Founder

Fred is our resident supply chain expert having previously worked on transforming supply chains at both Capgemini and Deloitte.
George Postlethwaite

George Postlethwaite

CEO / Co-Founder

George was Head of Sales at Otta, the hiring platform for Tech Jobs. Previously George launched the grocery business in the UK for Deliveroo.
Joe Walton

Joe Walton

Lead Engineer

Joe was the Tech lead at Otta and has +7 years of engineering experience. Joe started his career at Sky and then worked at Bulb for 1.5 years.

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